Benefits of Gardening: Healing the Mind and Body

Gardening is one of the many small pleasures many people, especially those who live in the suburbs, can indulge in. Gardens not only beautify the environment but also help people in so many different ways. Having a garden of you own is a great thing to have in any home. It gives you a space to relax and ease your mind while at the same time provide a space to simulate your senses.
There are many benefits of gardening that one can get out of this simple task or hobby. Mentally and physically - both can benefit well from gardening. Here are some of the benefits people can get out of gardening.
It Helps Fight Depression
Gardens have that special vibe that uplifts the mood of any person. It has actually been a prescribed activity of many psychologists and psychiatrists to many patients to help them overcome depression, anxiety and stress. Gardens have the healing effect on people and with constant exposure to such, people feel less stressed and actually feel better. This is one of the many benefits of gardening that people can get. If you are fighting some form of depression - mild or severe - do some gardening stuff and you'll be surprised at how much better and happier you'll feel over time.
It can be a form of Exercise
Exercise is also one of the many benefits of gardening. The positive effects of exercise to our bodies are undeniable. But many of us hardly have the motivation to do so because of the muscle fatigue and the feeling of soreness after some time of working out. Other people get bored with exercising because it is not something that they want to do but they have to do in order to stay fit and healthy. If you find yourself bored and undetermined to exercise, try gardening instead. The constant motion and activity to plant, arrange and dig earth are all forms of physical activity that can be considered as exercise. It has less monotonous movements and more appealing than other forms of exercise as you see results in not just your body but in your garden as well.
Reducing Stress
One of the many undeniable benefits of gardening is reducing stress. It has been common knowledge ever since that some form of greenery can uplift the spirit and reduce any stress. It helps ease your mind and provide a sense of tranquility you won't get elsewhere. In gardening, you engage yourself in an activity that can take your mind off your stressors and give you something more beguiling to focus on. And when you see great results after, it gives a sense of fulfillment that can reduce stress levels as well.
Heals the Mind
Aside from fighting depression and reducing stress, one of the many benefits of gardening is to heal the mind. The different sensory stimulants found in a garden stimulate people with all sorts of mental illnesses. It helps them heal their mind.

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  1. Great article, I am a horticulture therapist and work with the elderly. I see miracles every day.

  2. welcomme Robert Bornstein with can write an aticle in this blog about this miracles if you want.
    welcomme again .

  3. I absolutely agree with you, and here in the US, there's a certificate people can get as a Horticultural Therapist. It's Thanksgiving tomorrow, and I must say I am grateful for my fellow gardening bloggers!