Gardeners Tips for Keeping Garden Tools in Excellent Condition

With Easter behind us the gardening season is now really well upon us. The whine of lawn mowers on the Sunday morning now becomes an everyday sound as well as the smell of freshly cut grass adorns the gardens of a number of streets up and down the UK.
Gardeners up and down the UK will now be thinking about working on their gardens in readiness for the spring and summer months a time when most of us love to spend time in a garden enjoying, what will hopefully be a very wonderful English summer season.
There is a saying that an English Gardener is as good as his tools and no truer word has ever been stated in Jest. A Gardener can't work his magic without looking after his tools and keeping them in good working order.
So here are some tricks for you on how to look after your garden equipment:-
1. Take a look at the plugs and wires on the garden tools are all in decent order and working properly
2. If your garden tools are harmed get them fixed professionally do not try to fix power tools by yourself
3. Spray a soft coat of oil or WD 40 to any movable pieces to avoid them from rusting
4. Be certain your moving parts on any power tools are oiled properly and in the case of power tools start the motors in advance of use to make sure they're appropriately oiled.
5. Store your Power Tools correctly when you have finished using them. If you are storing your tools in the garage contemplate wall storage to keep your garden tools off the ground and safely out of harms way
6. Make sure you thoroughly clean them very well before storing them, eliminate grass cuttings and such from the blades to maintain them clean for the next time you are going to need them
7. In the case of your lawnmower apply some WD 40 or grease to the height adjusters to make certain they don't seize up
8. Check for any cracks in the plastic or ruined pieces on your gardening tools so that you can have them fixed just before you next use them. Waiting till next time may cause frustration if they break whilst you are using them
9. If you are using hedge cutters and such tools make sure they are not only cleaned but the blades sharpened to ensure they are ready for use next time
10. If your tools have wooden handles keep in mind applying some oil for example linseed oil to keep the wood looking good and this will stop the wood from drying out and cracking or splintering
The key to maintaining the life of your tools is how you care for them. Care for them well and store them properly and safely in the garage and your garden tools will last you for a long time.
Enjoy the Garden
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Author: Simon Foster

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