Growing in Baskets

If you are growing plants in baskets there are a few things that you will need to take care of if the plants are to survive.
Obviously you will need to start with the best and healthiest seeds or plants.
It is important that you choose good quality container mix too. There are proprietary hanging basket mixes that you really should use as they have been developed to provide the best growing conditions in these unique situations.

For aesthetics you will probably want to get the basket looking as 'full' as possible so you will be cramming the plants in.
It is best to put the larger plants in the middle of the basket with smaller plants trailing out to the edges and the sides.

The larger the basket the better chance your plants will have to survive and they will also require less maintenance.

As with all plants no matter where they are growing water will be essential and with baskets more care is required than normal.

You can place a water trough between the plants and the liner to maintain a place to hold water that would normally seep through the liner.

In warmer weather you will need to water the plants more often and this is best handled with a long watering wand, which makes reaching the plants easier.

Occasionally, where you have baskets that are easily moved, you can soak the entire basket in a tub of water.
If the basket has been quite dry you will need to soak it until the bubbles stop rising.

Always use quality liquid plant feed to ensure your plants are getting all the nutrients that they require.

To prevent the plants from drying out in the sun and the wind aim to get maximum foliage coverage.

If you take the time to give your basket plants the additional care that they need, you will be rewarded with a pleasant addition to any living area.

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