Growing Your Own Vegetables

There is a great sense of satisfaction knowing that you will be able to wander down to your own garden and pick the vegetables that you have been growing and then cook them and eat them for your dinner.

You will never be able to get vegetables as fresh as that from the shops and you certainly will be able to taste the difference in the extra freshness that you will get with every bite.

Many vegetables taste just as good, if not better, eaten fresh from the garden without even cooking them.

Peas, beans, tomatoes and the like are all ready to be eaten and enjoyed as they are picked.

What makes garden fresh vegetables even more appealing is the fact that you will know everything that has gone into the soil and every spray that has been used to assist in the growing of those vegetables.
And that is something that you would never know about the produce that you buy from the shops.

You will need to use sprays on your garden to ensure you have a healthy crop so it is wise to look at all the instructions and the contents of any sprays that you might need to use.

By using the best sprays you can be satisfied that not only will your crops have had the best nutrition but you will also be safe from some of the chemicals that many commercial growers use.

You can often keep pests off your crops, or reduce the incidence of the damage they can create by planting companion plants around your crops to keep them away.

You can reduce the chance of getting disease by selecting resistant varieties of plants that are less susceptible to disease and by giving them more room to grow by spacing them out a little more.

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