How to Involve Kids in Gardening?

Gardening is an interesting activity that can make the kids learn a great deal about various plants and trees. You can easily involve your kids in the daily gardening chores that are fun and easy. This will ensure that they come closer to the nature and understand many important things about gardening.
There are many easy to do activities in which the kids can lend a hand. By getting engrossed in such activities they tend to become more creative. Some of the common garden activities through which you can involve your kids in the garden are-
Picking Ripe Fruits and Vegetables-Harvesting period is an amazing time when you can engage the kids in picking ripe fruits and vegetables from the backyard. Children love to pick bountiful produce from the garden. You can even involve them in the kitchen while preserving and bottling jams or jellies made out of fresh fruits.
Watering the plants-Watering the plants regularly is one of the most basic garden activities which can easily be accomplished by the children. Through this activity the children will not only realize the importance of watering the plants but they will also love to spend time in the garden amongst beautiful flowers and plants.
Raking and Cleaning the Garden-Raking and keeping the garden clean of dead or spent flowers and leaves is very crucial to maintain a hygienic atmosphere for the plants to thrive. Autumn or fall is the season when you have to rake and clean the garden most as the plants and trees shed their leaves during this season. You can invest in some good rakes that are meant for children. They would love to gather dried leaves in a pile and play or jump on them.
Composting-Composting is another simple yet crucial technique in gardening. Compost can easily be prepared in the backyard by digging the ground and burying dead leaves, twigs or branches. Compost helps in making the soil rich and it helps the plants to grow vigorously. You can involve kids in the composting so that they become familiar with process and realize the significance of rich organic soil for plant growth.
Hand Pulling Weeds-Hand pulling weeds is an easy way of getting rid of nasty weeds from the garden. You can educate the kids on different kinds of weeds and ask them to remove them from the flower beds.
These are some of the many gardening activities through which the kids can be involved in gardening. Apart from these, you can also make the kids learn about different species of plants and trees. They can be taught about various other things in the garden that will enhance their knowledge and bring them closer to the nature.

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