Preserving Beneficial Insects In Your Yard and Garden

Not all insects are destructive, and if you are not careful around your yard, or in your garden, you may kill off the insects that are especially important to the ecosystem that your gardens depend on. These insects are the predators that control the pests that destroy your crops. Be observant when you are outside in your yard or garden, and watch which insects are the enemy or your friend.
Organic gardening is the most effective, and natural method of controlling insects that cause harm to the crops you are growing, along with being environmentally friendly. Companion planting and having a healthy organic soil structure will greatly benefit any garden. Pests are normally crop specific, meaning that they will only harm a specific crop.
Companion planting is nothing new to the gardening world, especially with organic vegetable gardening. It is a technique that involves the planting of two or more plants in close proximity to each other for beneficial purposes of some type. The benefit can be for a variety of reasons, attracting predators of common pests, repelling pests, higher crop yields, and vigorous plant growth being the most common. It is all about diversity, there is no scientific reasons that back the folklore of companion planting, but it is know that diversity will reduce problems in the garden.
Organic gardening all starts with the soil. Composting, mulching and top-dressing the soil your crops are growing in is the best way to develop strong healthy plants. A plant that is healthy by itself can defend itself against many of the pests and diseases that attack them. A good healthy organic garden soil is also a natural habitat that will harbor many beneficial predators and microorganisms to protect the crops you are growing naturally.
Preserving the beneficial insects that call your yard and garden home is very important. When you see an insect in your garden, try to identify it so you will know if it is an enemy or a pest. Harming the beneficial insect population in your yard and garden will only increase the destruction that occurs from the insects that are the pests. It is very important not to destroy every insect that you see in your garden Even beneficial insects can cause some damage to crops, it is the severity of the damage that is of concern. Diversity is what keeps everything in balance naturally in your yard and garden, just as nature does in the wild.
A environment friendly and healthy way of gardening. Organic Gardening is away of gardening in harmony with nature. Growing a healthy and productive crop in a way that is healthier for both you and the environment

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