How to Make Your Garden Safe for Your Dogs

Great Britain is the home of dog owners; we have a worldwide reputation for our love of dogs, even the Queen Pampers her pups. Having a pet is fun but you will need to make sure your garden is pet proof for the summer months. Dogs love to play outside but it is important to make sure your garden is properly secure and safe before you let your dog run free.
Securing your garden is the best place to start, without a secure garden your pet could run away and get lost. A garden wall or fence is important; the right panel will not only keep your pet secure but will also help make your garden less stress free.
Having a fence which is solid is usually the best option; this gives your pet no room for escape and will prevent your dog from trying to escape if another dog walks past. Solid panels come in many different sizes so you will need to choose the right size of fence to suit your dog breed.
Smaller dogs should not be able to jump higher than 4 foot but having a 6 foot fence will make sure your dog cannot escape. Large breeds of dogs will need a taller fence; large breeds like Labrador's can easily jump a 6 or even 8 foot fence panel. Install a tall fence and training your dog should make sure they don't escape. You can also add plants or trellis to the top of your existing garden fence to prevent your dog for jumping.
Make sure there are no holes or gaps in your garden fencing; a dog can easily escape or get trapped in gaps. If you're dog gets trapped when you're not home they can seriously harm themselves.
Some dogs get very distressed or distracted by other dogs walking past the garden they live in or even cars. You can restrict your dog's vision by installing a solid fence preventing them from seeing the outside world and making them feel more relaxed.
Many dog owners worry about their dogs digging under their garden fence or wall. Dogs love to dig and even strong training can sometimes fail. Placing paving slabs around the edge of your garden fence will help prevent dogs from digging. You don't even need to lay concrete most slabs will stay put on their own. You can also place wire into the ground before your garden fence. This is always best done before you lay a lawn or fencing.
Getting rid of toxic plants is also very important if you want to make your garden safe for your pets. Dogs don't often eat poisonous plants but it is always worth making sure there is no risk. Tomato plants, foxgloves and daffodils are common garden plants which can be harmful.
If you have a garden pond or pool you will need to ensure it is covered at all times when your dogs are playing outside. Dogs can swim but ponds can still be hazardous; if they jump into a pond and get stuck on a weed or plant they can drown.
Many gardeners do not know what to do about digging dogs! It's only natural for a dog to want to dig up your prized flowers and make a mess of your lawn. If this is a problem for you think about adding a sand pit or mud pit to your garden. This will give your dog a dedicated area to dig saving your flower beds!
Making your garden safe for your dog is the best way to ensure your pets don't have any tragic accidents. It will also make your life more relaxing because you won't have to worry when your pet plays outside. All dogs deserve a nice outdoor life and transforming your garden will make your dog happy!
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