Garden Hose Reels - The Short Story

Are you tired of garden hoses that lie around in your garden all the time, looking dirty and posing a risk to the safety of you and others? Ever snagged a foot in a tangle of garden hose and fallen? Feels stupid, let me tell you! There has to be a better way, right? The best way to store a garden hose is to coil it up - It is just that there are many ways to do that. If you are not content making a sloppy looking loop hanging your hose over a large nail on your garage wall, you should look into getting a garden hose reel. This can be everything from the functional equivalent of a car rim mounted on a wall, to a fully motorized hose reel cart and everything in between. Something for every taste and budget then.
So what do you need then? Are you content with a wall mounted garden hose reel with a manual crank, or would it be better with either a motor to pull the hose back in, or perhaps a so-called retractable hose would suffice? This is the same principle used on your vacuum cleaner - where you press a button and the cord rolls back in, due to a spring-mechanism. Some models now do this with the use of water pressure instead of a spring. Wall mounted models are fine if you don't mind looking at the hose hanging on the reel, or if you don't have a really large garden. But if you just want that hose out of your sight whenever you are not using it, then a portable reel, like a garden hose reel cart, may be the solution for you. This is really just a hose reel on a frame with wheels on it, but it means you can easily transport the entire hose to the faucet located the nearest to where you need to use water, instead having the hassle of running 300 feet of hose halfway across your property. Some of you people with large gardens may have had a water tap installed somewhere out there - in your actual garden - to make watering tasks easier and faster to execute. This is where a good hose reel carts comes in very handy indeed.
When looking at hose reels, the choice of material often comes down to either steel or plastic. Painted steel reels can look great in a classic sort of way, and are often the only choice for larger garden hose reel carts. Plastic is great for the smaller ones and for the cheap and simple wall-mounted reels too. Both materials have their place and each may do the job you need done - depending on your needs.
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