Do You Make These Mistakes When Gardening?

Gardening is a fantastic hobby to take up, especially the fact you will actually be reaping tangible rewards from it. However, gardening is actually quite a complex affair as there are dozens upon dozens of factors to take into account, it's basically its own science.
Because many people take a light approach to it they end up making a number of common gardening mistakes, and here is a look at some you have probably been making.
The Right Amount of Water
This is one of the first gardening mistakes people make, too little or too much water. Don't feel bad, as watering the plants may be the hardest part of the process. If they are going to be watered too often with small quantities, a shallow root system will develop, making the plant prone to catching various types of diseases.
Not enough water basically leads the plant to die. Only water your plants when they need it. How to decide that? Well, simply touch the soil. If it's still a bit cold and damp, then wait until the moment it is dry and warm to the touch. Also, make sure to water only the soil and not the plant itself, unless specifically instructed to.
Knowing your Climate
In this day and age where more and more things have become possible, we are forgetting that many plants grown outside in the world are designed for a certain climate and won't be able to properly develop and survive outside of it. Don't plant sun loving plants if your yard is in the shade, nor should you look to plant water-loving plants if your summers are very hot and dry.
Find out which plants are native to your current climate, and plan your garden accordingly, you will be much happier with the results.
Working on your Planting
Just like watering, planting is an aspect of gardening that needs to be done just right, or it can mess up your whole project. Many people put the plants far too deep in the soil, depriving the plant's root of sunlight causing irreversible damages. Every plant has a root ball, and that's how big your hole should be dug.
In addition to that, you will also need to de-tangle the roots if they are twisted; you can use a bit of water or just your hands for this part of the process. Finally, the last aspect of your planting technique is to recognize the quality of your soil; you may end up using compost or some kind of fertilizer.
As you can see, gardening is almost like the combination of art and science; there are precise methods to do some things while others are a matter of your preferences and creativity.
While there are many more common gardening mistakes which you are probably making every day, start by trying to implement the afore-mentioned tips next time you plant something; once you've got it down, then you can look up some less common gardening mistakes and improve yourself further.
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