Planting A Fruit Garden

When choosing which fruit to grow in your garden, consider the position you are intending to plant them in. Select good specimens of reliable and trouble free varieties that you like to eat. It is important to choose healthy and vigorous specimens when you are buying fruit. Whether you buy bare root container grown plants is a matter of personal preference, most varieties are available as both. Garden centers usually offer a limited range, but for the best choice and for unusual varieties or for trained forms you will probably find that you need to visit a specialist nursery.
When choosing a fruit tree, look for one with a sturdy, straight main trunk and several well spaced branches that are not too vertical. This is important because the angle between the branch and the trunk will determine how strong the branch will be in later years and, therefore, how much fruits the tree can bear. Fruit tree varieties are all grafted on to a root stock, and it is essential that you choose a type to suit your particular needs. It is also important to check that the union between the fruiting variety and root stock is well healed and strong, look for a bulge about six inches above the ground.
When you buy plum or cherry trees you should also check the branches for rough areas of bark and oozing sap, a sign of canker disease, as well as foliage with a silvery sheen, a sign of silver leaf disease. Avoid buying suspect plants. Eggplant can be grown in pots indoors and moved to large containers in a sheltered position outside when the weather is warmer. Plants that are not grown under glass take longer to mature, and the fruit will not be ready for harvesting until the autumn.
You will have bushier plants if the growing tip is pinched out when the eggplant is about twelve inches high. Allow only one fruit to develop on each shoot. Pinch out the growing tips of these shoots three leaves beyond the developing fruit. Melons can be grown very successfully in a green house; the plants are supported on a wire frame and the ripening fruit is held in a net. Harvest the fruit when the flower end gives slightly when pressed gently. A wide range of flowers can be raised in the green house, both to populate beds and containers outdoors and to provide colorful pot plants for the house.
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